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Why drink smoothies to replace your meals?

Have you ever skipped breakfast because you just didn't have time to prepare / sit down and have it? And is it because you were too hungry that you stuffed yourself with fatty or sweet food to fill your stomach until lunch? Unfortunately, this is a common scenario

to a lot of people. Skipping real meals and then eating quick / cooked meals is one of the main reasons for weight gain in many people and the difficulty in losing that weight. Smoothies to replace your meals help you to overcome this problem of lack of time to prepare your meals and sit down to eat because they are quick and easy to prepare, practical, and you can take them with you! These smoothies to replace your very healthy and delicious meals can be prepared in two minutes!

Hello and welcome to your 60 smoothies e-book to replace your meals! These 60 recipes took a lot of work, love and bus smoothies to guarantee the perfect balance between the nutrients that are good for your health, that will give your body energy and that will help you lose. weight ... but not only, these smoothies are also delicious! And I mean DELICIOUS!

I can't wait for you to try these recipes, I know you will love them!

So, what is a smoothie to replace your meals?

Smoothies are often considered a drink or snack, but they can actually provide you with a full meal if they are made with well-balanced ingredients. The smoothies to replace your meals were designed to be consumed in place of your usual breakfast, lunch or dinner.

These smoothies provide you with sufficient calories and nutrients to not only satisfy your hunger, but also to meet your nutritional needs. They are simple to prepare, but contain all the benefits of a full meal!


They facilitate weight loss.

They reduce sweet cravings.

They improve the effectiveness of your physical exercises

They boost your metabolism

they increase your energy levels