Who are we?

Hello, I'm Loïc I am a Nutrition Coach and Naturopathic Doctor My job? Teaching how to achieve a healthy lifestyle with the food around us. . Nowadays it is no longer easy to have a healthy lifestyle, with fast food in square meters that represents a huge temptation, food without at least energy values, or that air so precious that we breathe, but that we are constantly polluting. And ah yes ... The water we drink every day, full of toxins. After this terrible observation, all these problems, pushed me to do two things: 1 - to denounce the bad habits that take away our health every day, through articles, videos to improve our lifestyle. Finally here is the objective : to preserve a good health and live healthier and why not longer? :) 2 - To make discover the power of Detox on our health. My philosophy is simplicity. Those who came before us probably didn't know about drugs", didn't know about supermarkets and this easy access to food or water, but they lived much longer than us and were much more physically resistant than us. Contact us by email: Info@lesalimentsquisoignent.fr Our head office is located at : 40 rue de la fédération 75015 paris Thanks to my blog I'm going to share you all